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Since 1993 WWS Technische Keramik GmbH prides itself in continuing a 110 year presence of technical ceramics in the industrial area of Neuhaus-Schierschnitz in the district of Sonneberg, South Thuringia. With an abundance of long-standing experience and solid, technical skills we produce electro-ceramic products for the low-voltage industry. While the different manufacturing processes allow for mostly small to medium sized production quantities, minimal quantities of unique and individual customer design and order-specific productions are just as feasible. The two production processes divide into dry press and extrusion. The form, size, quantity and required accuracy of the desired product are determining factors for the manufacturing process.


The areas of application are widely spread and range from the manufacture of fuses, switches, controllers, transformers und furnaces to mechanical-, electrical-, electronic-, medical-, heat and apparatus engineering and furthermore cover household equipment, metrology, electromotive-, automotive and heating industry.


The dry press process involves the usage of hydraulic presses where pressure of up to 100 t is being reached. With the extrusion process tubes, rods and other profiles are drawn out to a length of 1100 mm and a diameter of min. 2 mm to max. 125 mm. Our various range of ceramic materials include C 111, C 130, C 221, C 410, C 520, C 530, C 610, C 620. We guarantee an operating temperature of up to 1250 °C for our products.


Numerous products are prepared mechanically (cutting, drilling, milling, turning and polishing) according to technical specifications before the sintering process takes place. A glazing can be applied if necessary or desired. For the fabrication of prototypes as well as for the general manufacturing of samples the rigid ceramic material "Stenan" is available.





Brief summary

  • Insulators for electric fuses
  • Bolt terminals (mounted and unmounted) in accordance with DIN 46260 and DIN 46262 for the electromotive industry
  • Terminal block and clamp board connections (mounted and unmounted) for electrical connections
  • Sleeves and counter pieces e.g. for electrical connections
  • Insulating elements for electrical resistors
  • Ceramic isolation pearls
  • Grooved insulators and insulation for high-voltage terminals
  • Thermal ceramics
  • Ceramic products for transformer manufacturing and heating industry
  • Ceramic tubes and rods (glazed and unglazed) with different inner and outer profiles
  • Stenan – a rigid ceramic material
  • Various specialized products