The ceramic manufacturing processes include:

Dry press, extrusion, white and green body processing, glazing, sintering, grinding, mounting, final inspection



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Manufacturing processes:

Rods and tubes with different inner and outer profiles

White and transparent

White and green body processing:
Cutting, drilling, milling, turning, polishing








Brief summary

  • Insulators for electric fuses
  • Bolt terminals (mounted and unmounted) in accordance with DIN 46260 and DIN 46262 for the electromotive industry
  • Terminal block and clamp board connections (mounted and unmounted) for electrical connections
  • Sleeves and counter pieces e.g. for electrical connections
  • Insulating elements for electrical resistors
  • Ceramic isolation pearls
  • Grooved insulators and insulation for high-voltage terminals
  • Thermal ceramics
  • Ceramic products for transformer manufacturing and heating industry
  • Ceramic tubes and rods (glazed and unglazed) with different inner and outer profiles
  • Stenan – a rigid ceramic material
  • Various specialized products