History and company profile

In 1904 Armand Marseille from St. Petersburg founded the company manufacturing porcelain heads for dolls. Several years later production shifted to technical ceramics. In 1913 the company was sold to Siemens - Schuckert AG in Berlin Siemensstadt. Due to the ever increasing requirement for electricity in the 1920s the demand for technical porcelain for insulation and isolation applications rose significantly. The introduction of new materials, like Steatite, and the expansion of capacity ensured the manufacture of more complex products. The plant in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz specialized in Steatite in 1958. Between 1965 and 1969 it was merged with the plants in Sonneberg and intergrated with the Kombinat Keramische Werke Hermsdorf. The company was taken over by a trusteeship in 1989 and restructured into the stock company Tridelta AG. In 1993 the electro-ceramic production was outsourced and WWS Keramik Neuhaus GmbH was founded by means of a Management-Buy-Out.


Today WWS Keramik Neuhaus GmbH manufactures technical ceramics for a wide range of industries which include the low voltage industry, mechanical-, electronic-, medical-, heat and apparatus engineering as well as household equipment.


Our modern sintering oven reaches maximum temperatures of 1320°C. Combined with up-to-date machinery we provide high quality and high precision products with an operating temperature of up to 1250°C.


While the different manufacturing processes allow for mostly medium sized production quantities, minimal quantities of individual customer design and unique prototypes can be executed just as successfully. A large emphasis of our work lies on a close dialogue with our customers. Our expert staff of ceramic engineers are able to assist in every stage of the development of ceramic products for your applications.

With a highly motivated team, extensive and comprehensive expert knowledge and innovative thinking WWS Keramik Neuhaus GmbH meets the most challenging demands of the ceramic industry.


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Holger Kuhna
Dipl. Kfm.

Purchasing / Finance / Human Resources

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 Franklin Buhl
Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Sales Manager 
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Andreas Hutschenreuther

Production management
Engineering / Planning / Health and safety

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Brief summary

  • Insulators for electric fuses
  • Bolt terminals (mounted and unmounted) in accordance with DIN 46260 and DIN 46262 for the electromotive industry
  • Terminal block and clamp board connections (mounted and unmounted) for electrical connections
  • Sleeves and counter pieces e.g. for electrical connections
  • Insulating elements for electrical resistors
  • Ceramic isolation pearls
  • Grooved insulators and insulation for high-voltage terminals
  • Thermal ceramics
  • Ceramic products for transformer manufacturing and heating industry
  • Ceramic tubes and rods (glazed and unglazed) with different inner and outer profiles
  • Stenan – a rigid ceramic material
  • Various specialized products